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Editorial: TASCHEN
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Editorial: TASCHEN
Andy en instantáneas. Antes de que existiera Instagram, existió Warhol. Una fotografía significa que sé dónde estoy en cada momento. Por eso las hago. Es un diario visual. —Andy Warhol; El primer Instagramer se podría decir que fue Andy Warhol. Ahora un libro recoge las reconocibles polaroids de los personajes que le rodeaban y que visto desde la perspectiva de las actuales redes sociales tienen un aire pionero. Dennis Hopper o Jack Nicholson tendrían hoy miles de likes. Editado por TASCHEN el libro llegará este verano a las librerías. En total 560 páginas con fotos del fundador de La Fábrica. Milenio, México D.F.; Andy Warhol. Polaroids reads like the Instagram feed that might have been—a highlight reel of the creative bunch he ran around with. Picturing luminaries such as Yves Saint Laurent, Bianca Jagger, Audrey Hepburn, and Dolly Parton, the book is itself a snapshot of culture and celebrity in the latter half of the 20th century. ; From 1958 until his death in 1987, Andy Warhol took hundreds, if not thousands, of instant photos. Many have sold at auction over the years, but 700 of his less famous snapshots can be seen in Andy Warhol. Polaroids. The star power in the book is staggering, but Warhol s brilliant use of Polaroids is just as fascinating. Wired, New York; If you like Warhol and modern art, or just enjoy quirky photos, check out Andy Warhol Polaroids, a book your coffee table will look better under. This is just too cool for school. I don t say this about just anything, but Andy Warhol Polaroids is really the definitive picture book for every modern culture vulture, photography nut and pop-art freak who s ever stared at Warhol s near-neon screen prints of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell s soup and wondered, what is going on with that man? Consider this book a voyeuristic little peek into what went on. From the late 1950s until his death, Warhol carried a Polaroid camera everywhere he went to document the people, places and things he saw, and now these little nuggets of frozen time, taken from 1958 (four years before his first solo exhibition in New York) to 1987 (the year he died), have found their way into this book. Female, Singapore; A new book by TASCHEN offers a fascinating insight of Andy Warhol s intimate relationship with his celebrity friends – and the look he wanted from them for the photographs.
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