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Autor: Lance Charnes

Editorial: Wombat Group Media

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<p><strong>Luis Ojeda owes his life to the Pacifico Norte cartel
Luis Ojeda owes his life to the Pacifico Norte cartel. Literally. Now it’s time to pay. Luis led escaping American Muslims out of the U.S. during the ten years following a 2019 terrorist attack on Chicago. He retired after nearly being killed by a border guard. But now in 2032, the Nortes give Luis a choice: pay back the fortune they spent saving his life, or take on a special job. The job: ... Ver más
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Nombre South
No. Ref. (SKU) 52b23a49-37d1-4c71-802e-e3d5b71bbe06
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Editorial Wombat Group Media
Autor Lance Charnes
Género N/A
ISBN 9780988690356
EAN 52b23a49-37d1-4c71-802e-e3d5b71bbe06
Año 2013
Idioma INGLéS
Formatos ePub
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Tamaño 0M
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