Tomorrow's Business Ethics: Dick vs. Deming

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Autor: Patrick Henz


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<p>Philip K
Philip K. Dick wrote around 40 novels and 120 short-stories on his typewriters. He created claustrophobic science fiction scenarios, writing about alien invasions, but also artificial intelligence. Doing so, he not only described technical possibilities, but furthermore ethical concerns. Most of his stories featured different layers of reality. As all good science fiction, his stories were less an escape from reality, but the opposite, allowed us a view into a distorted ... Ver más
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Nombre Tomorrow's Business Ethics: Dick vs. Deming
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Autor Patrick Henz
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ISBN 9781386591009
EAN cc7f7328-8e1a-483a-b514-5d87cdcc52ea
Año 2018
Idioma INGLéS
Formatos ePub
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